What Shoes are in Style for Men?

What Shoes are in Style for MenKnowing what shoes are in style for men is certainly important as they do say that you can learn so much about a guy simply by what he wears on his feet. Shoes do change in style just as fashion changes with other clothes, so what are the current trends for you to be aware of at this moment in time?

One of the main trends right now for dressy shoes is for the toe part to be quite square instead of the style that is often referred to as wingtips as this is now out of fashion. This gives the entire shoe a much squarer look in general and the result is that they are wider than previous styles, so if you have old style loafers, then put them away and wait for them to come back into fashion at some point in the future.

If you move onto the sole on a dressy shoe, then the current trend is for there to be a bit of a wedge rather than being completely flat and they can also be built in so the sole and wedge is in the one piece rather than on their own. This wedge is not too high, but it is still enough to alter the angle of the shoe and the foot and give a bit of extra height to the wearer.

For casual footwear, then the trend is slightly different and there is a tendency for them to be quite multifunctional at this moment in time due to them being able to be worn both at work and when you are just out and about and dressed down. It is now quite cool for them to have rubber soles and wedge heels built in and they do certainly pass as dress shoes even from quite close up. You will also find that ankle boots are currently in style and just to be different do consider buying versions where they are held on either by velcro or even elastic at the side.

This use of elastic does also extend to slip-ons and they are still in fashion and if you are still a big fan of loafers, then this is the type that you need to go for. The key with this version is to be different, but quite subtle about it and subtlety is certainly a theme that runs right through the different types of shoes that are currently in fashion as the days of shoes that are heavily decorated are certainly gone at this moment in time.

So those are the types of shoes that are currently in fashion for men and the good thing is that every shop is going to have some of them in stock for you to choose from and there is no doubt that you will get some within your budget. After choosing the ones you like, just make sure that you have the right clothes to go with it and look forward to making a real fashion statement the next time that you step outside.