Wedding Rings Styles

Wedding Rings

Love, trust and commitment are the three cornerstones of a healthy relationship. The fourth is a bit expensive, tangible and absolutely shiny – the wedding ring. When selecting a wedding ring, choose one that best complements her personality and also fashion sensibilities. Have a look at her jewelry box and wardrobe to know if she likes classy, practical or a modern style. With her preferences, you can start exploring unique or custom-designed rings that suits her favorite style. Listed below are the most popular Diamond Wedding Rings styles to surprise your bride in the wedding stage.

Solitaire rings
Perfect for showcasing a single diamond, the Solitaire wedding ring style is ideal for the girl who really loves simple, yet not uninspired style. It is typically combined with a prong setting to improve the glint by minimizing the precious metal.

Classic rings
Suitable for the classic beauty who favors outfits with a clean and simple design, the Classic wedding rings are traditional and timeless. The settings in this ring highlight the elegance and sparkle of the diamond.

Halo rings
This is the ideal for a person who would like to present his bride an engagement ring with a “wow” factor. This “heavenly” style ring features a central diamond placed between a “halo” of smaller expensive diamonds to emphasize it’s glow and also make it appear larger.

Masterwork rings
Usually having a halo of smaller diamonds round the larger sized center diamond in an intricate design which produces sparkle from each and every angle, Masterwork wedding rings are a perfect choice for the bride who is looking for an exclusive and visually complex ring setting.

Three-Stone rings
Want to buy a ring with a lot of meaning behind it? Then try a three stone wedding ring. In these wedding rings styles, every single stone is filled with symbolism, with a stone denoting the past, present and future of the couple’s journey of life. It is a wonderful option for the woman who’s sentimental and loves symbolism. With 3 diamonds as the centerpiece, this wedding ring style is undoubtedly a showstopper.

Vintage style rings
Excellent for the antique inspired woman who’s still on current trend, vintage style wedding rings provide the finest of both worlds. A vintage type Asscher, Cushion or Marquise cut combined with a platinum metal and halo setting creates a stylish, incredible appeal.

Modern rings
Modern wedding rings styles are characterized by glossy, minimalist patterns. To make a modern ring she will love, go with a setting that can greatly enhance her style and then choose a flattering cut, like a Princess or Round, and finish with her favorite metal. Many brides interested in modern wedding rings tend to prefer a neutral look like white gold.

Custom rings
Not sure which ready made style she would like? You know her a lot better than anybody else, so why wouldn’t you create her diamond ring yourself? Customize your own ring for your partner when you choose from the designs, metals, cuts and shapes of diamond to make a look that she will love.