Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing for Your Body TypeUnfazed by the simple fact, everyone has a flaw in their physique and they would like to get it rectified but in most of the times you can overcome it by wearing right type of outfits. Remember turning through a fashion magazine may inspire you, however ultimately you have to pick a dress that matches your body type. If you’re moving out to a club or a party, ensure that you understand your body shape and matching styles of dressing for your body type.

Rectangular Figure
If you have rectangle-shaped built body, then it is advisable to show off the curves that will add shape to your body. You can wear a costume that narrows down to your waist and highlight it with belts. This type of outfit will help you to highlight your curves, while it’ll also emphasize your butt.

Apple Shaped Body
It is a very common type of body that has a sizable bust and shoulder blades and hips fine tune with one another. If you have apple-shaped body type, opt for tunic as well as column dresses; do not go with fitted dresses. It’s because an ‘A’ line cut shows the middle part of your body and a straight-cut takes away a person’s attention from the middle part and puts shoulders and legs as a highlight.

Hourglass Figure
A very few blessed women have an hour-glass physique. It means that the hips and shoulders balance each other and also the waist is narrowed down to highlight or show off your curves. The very best suited outfit is a well-fitted dress, however keep in mind a fact that embellishments and heavy designs could make your body look bulky, so these outfits needs to be avoided at any cost.

Pear Shaped Body
A dropped waist style or maybe a strapless ball-gown will cover the bottom-half and put more focus on your the upper part. An off-the-shoulder neck-line could keep a person’s attention on the upper part of the body, and “A “line gown is definitely a complementing choice. You should avoid thin shoulder straps and boat neck-lines, and stay clear of gathered or pleated fabric at your waist as this can highlight your wider hips. The main element here’s to emphasize your upper body. This means your back, arms and bust.

Petite Body Type
If you’ve a petite figure, then a well-fitted outfit can do magic for you. The main reason is that if you put on an ill-fitted costume it’d make you look like you’ve got lost in your dress. Most importantly, it’ll make you look weighty as well as fleshy. Moreover, a hemline above your knee adds to the height. The vertical-prints in outfit elaborate your height, so it’s to your greatest benefit to avoid the horizontal prints.

Small Bust
If you aren’t blessed with big busts, then avoid dressed in deep neck-line, alternatively opt for an outfit with a bandeau or scoop neck or other embellishments to feature a different aspect to your upper body. Layered necklaces can be an excellent option for you, as it’ll add volume to your bust line.