Wedding Rings Styles

Wedding Rings

Love, trust and commitment are the three cornerstones of a healthy relationship. The fourth is a bit expensive, tangible and absolutely shiny – the wedding ring. When selecting a wedding ring, choose one that best complements her personality and also fashion sensibilities. Have a look at her jewelry box and wardrobe to know if she likes classy, practical or a modern style. With her preferences, you can start exploring unique or custom-designed rings that suits her favorite style. Listed below are the most popular Diamond Wedding Rings styles to surprise your bride in the wedding stage.

Solitaire rings
Perfect for showcasing a single diamond, the Solitaire wedding ring style is ideal for the girl who really loves simple, yet not uninspired style. It is typically combined with a prong setting to improve the glint by minimizing the precious metal.

Classic rings
Suitable for the classic beauty who favors outfits with a clean and simple design, the Classic wedding rings are traditional and timeless. The settings in this ring highlight the elegance and sparkle of the diamond.

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